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CHM Resources

About Us

CHM Resources is a workforce development, personal development, training, and consulting company. We assist individuals in becoming more effective contributors to the workplace and society by assessing gaps and providing solutions.

Workforce and Personal Development Trainings

Professional Workplace Etiquette:

We share the importance of a professional image and how to project a professional image. We share key practices on the professional image and workplace etiquette in the areas of appearance, speech, body language and correspondence.

Adapting to Virtual Environments:

We share practices to use while working in a virtual environment including time management skills and virtual communication skills. We also share strategies on how to conduct interviews in a virtual environment.

Customer Service Skills:

We share practices that can help you establish a great mindset while working in a service-based environment.  


We share the benefits of a mentorship. We also provide strategies on how to find mentors, how to determine if a mentor is the right fit and what to look for in a mentorship

Interviewing Skills:

We share techniques to help prepare for interviews including mock interviews.

Listening Skills:

We share techniques for becoming an effective-active listener. We share how to use listening skills within personal and professional environments by being open to other’s opinions and thoughts.


We share different techniques for communicating effectively.

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